Why Study Abroad?

why study abroad
Chinese overseas students have become an increasingly common feature of British universities. But one question is: Why are we putting so much weight on Chinese students? Is it because of COVID-19, brand reputation, social recognition, or both? In fact, the answer is complex. Some British universities may even feel threatened by the number of Chinese students studying in the UK. Here are a few reasons why.

Study abroad

The number of Chinese international students studying in British universities increased steadily between 2002 and 2014. This increase in Chinese students has been attributed to the growing influence of the Middle Kingdom on UK higher education. According to the University and Colleges Admissions Service, Chinese students now account for 14% of total undergraduate and postgraduate numbers. While there are many reasons for this increase, it’s important to note that some Chinese students have hardline nationalist views. While this epidemic has led many Chinese students to seek alternative study destinations outside of the West, some researchers argue that this trend began long before the COVID-19 pandemic. In any case, future research should address the perceived importance of university rankings, the reasons why Chinese students seek alternative study destinations, and the expectations that Chinese students have after enrolling at a Western university. But, for the time being, the pandemic is unlikely to have a lasting effect on the number of Chinese international students in UK universities.


education during COVID-19 China’s demand for overseas education is booming, and the UK is a prime destination for the Chinese population. The UK higher education statistics agency tracked Chinese students’ preferences for study abroad destinations and found that they are increasingly interested in the UK. Among their top concerns are safety and cost of living. Other top concerns include academic competence and cultural differences. Although they may feel welcome in the UK, Chinese students could feel unwelcome. In the UK, Chinese students represent a highly selective niche of the country’s newly-minted middle class. In terms of socio-economic status, they are largely homogeneous. This trend may change in the future. However, in the meantime, Chinese international students have a long way to go before they can fully enjoy the benefits of postgraduate study abroad in the UK.

Social recognition

Chinese students studying abroad face a number of challenges. Their national identities and their cultural capital are forged in the different environments they are experiencing. These issues can be explored through qualitative methods. This article explores the social recognition and cultural capital of Chinese students studying abroad. It also offers some implications for further research. This article is written for a general audience. If you are interested in studying this topic, we suggest you read on to learn more. In China, the middle class is growing faster than the upper class, which is a positive development for the population of Chinese students studying abroad. China’s middle class is growing rapidly and this is conducive to a gradual recovery from the recent pandemic. This growth will be accompanied by incremental growth as incomes increase and push factors are present in the country. However, this growth is not without its challenges.

Brand reputation

UK higher education has not yet released the final intake figures for Mainland Chinese students in 2020/21. This may be down to the fact that many have applied for postgraduate study. Nevertheless, the results of the survey indicate that Chinese students remain positive about UK postgraduate study. The positive impression of the UK is also reflected in the perception of the universities by their students. The students’ perspectives are also important in understanding their choices. A common concern is the safety of the UK, which has a bad reputation in China. But Chinese students may also be wary about the change in visa policy, as well as the racial discrimination in the US. Moreover, Chinese students are also affected by an emotional commitment to child care overseas. Studying abroad sorting of Chinese students across British universities brand reputation

Length of a study program

Length of a study program The government is making it easier for Chinese students to study at UK universities. A new policy allows graduates of 23 selected UK universities to apply for a six-month post-study work visa. Chinese students are increasingly attracted to the UK by the prospect of gaining work experience, which can be very valuable to their CVs. In addition, UK universities are keen to attract foreign students, as they are losing research funding from European institutions. The study involved 43 recent graduates from China, with varying backgrounds. Participants were recruited through a snowball sampling process to ensure a diverse range of backgrounds. While most had parents who had studied in the UK, the students tended to come from higher-class backgrounds. The survey included both female and male participants. There were no specific age-range restrictions. The length of the study program varied according to degree.

Value of a Western degree

The increase in the average income of Chinese citizens has increased the amount of money available to study abroad. Additionally, the proliferation of the internet has helped Chinese students gain a better understanding of the differences between Western education and Chinese education. This has resulted in more Chinese students choosing to study in high-quality Western universities. Moreover, more Chinese parents are choosing to send their children to high-quality Western universities for better education and to see the world. In the past, Chinese students believed that Western values would be embraced by their Western counterparts. Today, the vast majority of the three million or so student visas that are granted each year to mainland Chinese students are not in STEM-sensitive graduate-level fields. In contrast, a degree from a Western elite university is equivalent to a competitive player in the Chinese job market. Students who are still uncertain about their future plans after completing their education abroad often wish to return home and set up fintech companies.

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