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If you’re an international student looking for medical school, you’ve probably considered applying to the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. If not, you might be interested in other U.S. medical schools, such as the University of Florida College of Medicine and the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. Then, you can narrow down your list even further by looking at the rankings of medical schools in other countries. The results of this process may surprise you.

University of Mississippi School of Medicine

International applicants to the University of Mississippi School of Medicine must meet minimum requirements for admission to the undergraduate program. These include an English proficiency test and a high school diploma. Admission to graduate programs is not granted to undergraduate international applicants, and Mississippi residents have first priority in admission. International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English for academic and personal success. Also, they must demonstrate safety in a highly competitive academic environment. Applicants must have strong communication skills, and fluency in English is essential to a successful academic and personal experience.
International students are encouraged to visit Mississippi, and a tour of the campus is highly recommended. Once in the States, students may take advantage of a variety of travel opportunities. Many Mississippi universities provide transportation to and from the airport. For international students, the University of Mississippi School of Medicine is a convenient option for an educational trip. In addition to offering many services and facilities, the university offers housing in its campus and surrounding areas.

University of Florida College of Medicine

If you’re interested in becoming a doctor, the University of Florida College of Medicine may be an excellent choice. Despite being one of the most competitive medical schools, the acceptance rate is relatively low. In 2017, the University of Florida accepted only 135 students. The admissions committee considers applicants’ academic record, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation. Students with strong academic credentials and a passion for health care can increase their chances of admission.
Among the best medical schools in the world, USF is particularly popular among international students. It offers a strong research program and ample opportunities to work on faculty projects. This university is also one of the most expensive, but it is well worth the extra money. USF also offers a generous scholarship program, and it has a prestigious reputation as one of the top medical schools in Florida.

University of Minnesota School of Medicine

The University of Minnesota School of Medicine has an extensive medical program that provides a diverse curriculum and a commitment to the education of compassionate and socially responsible physicians. With two campuses serving diverse populations, the University of Minnesota offers medical degrees from the perspective of both rural and urban Minnesota. Its focus is on preeminent primary care medicine, exemplary specialty care, and cutting-edge research.
The University of Minnesota School of Medicine offers a range of programs for medical students, including a metropolitan physician associate program and an education in pediatrics across the continent program. Students work together in small group settings, labs, and on projects as body buddies and project teams. This collaborative environment allows students to develop their skills as individuals while fostering collaboration and teamwork. They will graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of medicine and the practice of medicine.

University of Michigan School of Medicine

U-M offers a range of global health opportunities for its medical students, and it maintains Memorandum of Understanding agreements with 31 partner medical schools across the world. Students can also participate in clinical rotations abroad or in research projects that have worldwide impact. Last year alone, 26 medical students from around the world completed educational exchanges or programs abroad. If you’re an international student, consider applying to the University of Michigan School of Medicine.
U-M Medical School’s success rate is excellent. Over 98% of graduating students are matched to graduate medical programs or residency programs. A quarter will continue their education at Michigan Medicine. The remaining 14.3% will head to prestigious graduate programs in California. Only 36 graduates will receive a medical degree from U-M and an advanced degree from a top graduate program, such as Stanford or Columbia. The school is one of the best choices for medical students from diverse backgrounds.

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