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Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions describe the way of using our website and services. They are legal agreement and legally binding.

Admissionrabbit.com and Our Services  
We are a writing company that provides admission essay writing services. We write original admission essays that show the personality of the customer to the school that the person is applying to join whether it is a business, nursing or medical or law school, among others. We guarantee customers of relevant information to the applicant in conformity with writing requirements and admission writing standards.

  • We require our customers to use the products for application purpose only. We discourage unauthorized copying from writing more admission essays for commercial purpose.
  • Nobody should redistribute or copy an admission essay we deliver as own copy without our written consent for another purpose other than applying for admission.
  • We absolve ourselves from any liability that may occur from unauthorized use of our products in violation of the terms and conditions above.

Our Responsibility to the Customers  
Our responsibility is to write personalized admission essays for customers according to their instructions.

Our agreement with customers will begin when we find a qualified writer for the order and receive payment for the service.  We term it as the commencement date. This agreement continues until we deliver an order and 7 day revision period after order delivery unless there is early termination by one of the parties. 

We assign orders to writers with suitable academic qualifications and skills to write an admission essay to precise requirements. An order becomes binding when we find a qualified writer for the admission essay and receive payment. A customer cannot ask for money back at this point unless we have contravened the agreement. Clients who pay a deposit for an order should pay the balance at least 24 hours before its last delivery date. We reserve a right not to deliver the product until the customer pays the outstanding balance.

Responsibility of the Customers
Customers should provide all the information regarding their orders for us to match their expectations. The information might be a resume, testimonials, letters of recommendation, writing the prompt and anything that guides our writing.

 We do not take responsibility for compromised standards or lateness when a customer does not provide all details.

Contact information
Customers should communicate to us through the methods of contact we have listed on our website. We believe that the information we receive through the official methods of communication as legitimate and will do as it requires. 

No Plagiarism Guarantee
We guarantee our customers of authentic admission essays written from scratch. A customer who detects plagiarism on the content with reliable checker has a right to get a free revision and refund.

We define plagiarism to be:

  • Use of ideas or words by another author as their own without citation
  • Rewrite another admission essay while retaining original ideas
  • Use of different wording but retain the sentence structure of the source without mentioning the author
  • Provision of false information about the subject of admission essay whereas the description fits another person

Service Fees
Admissionrabbit.com charges a service fee to write an admission essay. We use most of it to pay the writer. Our charges might include Value Added Tax (VAT) when it applies.  We do not have hidden charge in addition to that we charge the customer at the start of writing. We may increase the price if a customer adds new instructions that increase the quantity of work. 

Upfront Payment  

  • We ask for upfront payment as we know our skilled writers will be available to write the order. We are ready to refund if we do not find a writer who is available to write the admission essay within the required timeline.
  • A customer can only ask for a full refund of payment after cancelling an order if a writer has not started writing the admission essay. We will deduct an amount that equals the quantity of work that a writer has done if somebody cancels an order after we assign it.
  • It is our discretion to determine the number of refunds or discounts.

Amendment to an In-Progress Order  

  • We accept additional information on an order from customer but it should not contradict the original instructions or add other specifications. We have a right to charge an additional fee for such instructions.
  • We can reassign an admission essay to another writer if the first cannot meet expectations after adjustments.
  • Timely order guarantee will not apply after a customer adds news instructions that will cause the writer to use more time.

We accept requests for revision of an admission essay if there is an adequate reason to show that the writer did not follow the instructions. We revise without asking additional cost if the request is within 7 days of order delivery.

  • A customer who requests for revision has a responsibility to provide all details regarding the correction by informing our customer support department. The extent of revisions determines the turnaround, but we try to complete amendments within 24 hours.
  • We will charge a fee for revisions if the request is after 7 days of order delivery or when the amendments extend beyond the original instructions.
  • Quality Control Department will determine if the grounds for revision are legitimate and arbitrate if the writer disputes them.
  • A customer can make a second revision request if the amendments do not adhere to revision request.

Data Protection
We secure personal data of our customers that come across to us for service provision from unauthorized access. We do not share customer information with third parties.

Some instances require the sharing of data for these reasons:

  • Improve our services
  • Secure payment system
  • Fulfill legal requirements
  • Pursue fraud transactions


 On-Time Delivery Guarantee
We deliver orders before the deadline and at midnight of the due date at the latest. We refund part or all the payments for late order delivery unless it is due to the following:

  • The due date is a non-working holiday
  • Technical problems caused by third-party activities and factors beyond our control. We provide a proof showing the technical issues that caused lateness
  • Illness or death of a writer
  • Severe illness or death of a writer’s close member of the family
  • Failure by a customer to provide all the instructions or responding to our messages of clarification on time
  • Failure by a customer to inform users about the delay to deliver an order through personal account messaging system or customer support agents
  • Failure to pay an outstanding balance
  • An extension of writing period through an agreement between a customer and a writer

We respect copyright and ownership of works by others. It is our reason for writing admission essays from scratch and expects our customers to have high regard for copyright regulations. We do not resell or reuse part of the admission essays we deliver to our customers. 

  • The admission essays we deliver do not mean an automatic guarantee of copyright ownership
  • We have a right to deny service to persons or organizations we suspect of engaging in plagiarism
  • Customers do not get express permission to use the content on their admission essays for another purpose other than the original application. They should not sell, display or distribute the admissions essays we deliver.
  • Anyone who uses our products in violation of our copyright is liable for loss or damage.

It is our discretion to refunds. The reasons that customers provide for asking a money-back enables us to determine if we will issue partial, full or nor refund. We send the refund through the same method, credit or debit card that a customer used to make payment. Customers who are liable for refunds have an option to retain the amount as a credit to pay for future orders.

We have a right to reject refund requests when:

  • Actions by customers such as amending the admission essay before complaining to us, and we have a reason to believe the first submission had met the standards.
  • Order instructions are ambiguous and can be interpreted differently
  • A customer provides us with incomplete instructions, or they were different from application requirements
  • A customer approves an order but later claims that it did not meet the requirements

Acceptance of Admission Application
Admissions boards at various institutions have their criteria for admitting students. We write admission essays according to writing the prompt and showcase the personality of our customers. We cannot guarantee that admissions will accept an application and cannot take responsibility for any loss or damages for an unsuccessful application.

Limitation of Liability
We are not responsible for:

  • Failure to get admission after ordering for our writing service
  • Any action by a college or university to a customer who submits an admission essay for application
  • Inability to access or use our website and services because of outages, login errors and navigation difficulties
  • Viruses or malicious software that might affect a gadget used to access our website. We secure our site, and such misfortune is not an act of negligence.
  • Damage of a device when accessing our service
  • Inaccuracies or errors on our website or services
  • Content, action and inaction by third parties that link to our website
  • Suspension and any other actions we take against your account

Admissionrabbit.com protects website users from possible fraud. We use safeguards to prevent users from misusing the privilege to access our services. We do not allow these actions that we consider to be a fraud.

  • Illegitimate chargeback
  • Sharing personal information or transacting with writers or others working for us outside our provided methods
  • Paying or receiving payment by an unauthorized method
  • Impersonation
  • Opening more than one user account under different names
  • Using our intellectual work without payment or authority
  • Faking payment or uploading false verification documents.

Admissionrabbit.com offer specializes in writing admission essays and offering other related services such as editing, proofreading, rewriting and editing. We regard customers as people who have given us consent to communicate about our products and services through the contact details they share with us. 

We engage in product promotions that we think are interest through email, SMS/MMS, making phone calls and sharing on social media. We limit our communications to the most essential and relevant. The recipient still has a right to refuse our promotional messages in writing.

Feedback and reviews
We encourage customers to send us feedback and post reviews about our service.  The copyright for reviews and feedback on Admissionessay.com website belongs to us, giving us a right to use them for promotional purposes. 

We accept all types of feedback but should not undermine the integrity of our system.  It is our right to suspend or terminate an account due to feedback messages or rating that subverts the feedback system. 

We can amend, alter or change these terms and conditions without notice. Changes apply a day after publication. We advise our website users to read them frequently while checking if there are any changes. 

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