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chemical engineering personal statement writing tips

Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Writing Tips

In writing your chemical engineering personal statement, it is important to align your academic and professional goals. For example, in a previous example, the writer has mentioned his passion for organic chemistry. The personal statement should reflect his insight and placements. While the statement should be short, it should convey the essence of his personality. […]
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how to write the perfect nursing scholarship essay

How To Write the Perfect Nursing Scholarship Essay

How to write the perfect nursing scholarship essay? Following these guidelines can help you in achieving this goal. For starters, stay away from using slang words and excessive punctuation. Also, present yourself in a way that nobody else can. Lastly, create as much impact as you can with the least number of words. These are […]
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tips for admission essay writing

Tips for Admission Essay Writing

There are a few tips to remember when writing the admission essay. First of all, follow the traditional five-paragraph essay format. This includes a brief introduction, a series of body paragraphs that support your thesis, and a conclusion. You can also use a story format, which may lend itself to six or seven paragraphs. Remember […]
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tips for college admission essay writing

Tips for College Admission Essay Writing

A common application essay is essential to gain admission to a college of your choice. It can showcase your writing skills, thinking process, and contribution to the community. If you want to impress admissions officers, choose a topic that allows you to demonstrate your unique qualities and thoughts. Here are some tips for college admission […]
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how to make new friends as a freshman

How To Make New Friends as a Freshman

There are several tips for establishing relationships as a freshman. These include joining campus activities, attending extracurricular activities, and meeting people in your classes. Once you have established some basic relationships, you can move on to other tactics. For example, you can join a fraternity or sorority or join a sports club. Getting involved in […]
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coping with college culture

Coping Up With College Culture

While there are plenty of reasons to be nervous about your first semester at college, there are also ways to cope with the change and keep your stress levels at bay. These tips include Leaning on existing friends and family members for support, Laughter, and Making meaningful connections with fellow students. Read on to learn […]
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