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Free Admission Application essay

I felt like I’d jumped out of an airplane without a parachute. As I plummeted to the ground, I slammed my eyes shut out of dread for my life. Perhaps it wasn’t the wisest move to announce your sexual orientation in a noisy restaurant full of strangers. Having grown up as the “half-secret” homosexual kid, […]
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Tips for Writing a College Essay

College Admission Essay Writing Tips

How to Write a Great College Application Essay Use your inner voice It’s important to remember that the college entrance essay isn’t about your grades. It’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you have skills, maturity, and a desire to learn. As a result, the writing ought to be genuine, […]
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How to write College Application Essay

How to Write a Cover Letter for a College Application In order to be considered for some colleges, individuals must send a cover letter with their application. In order to pursue a higher education, it’s critical to understand how to write a college application cover letter before you begin the process. Knowing this information can […]
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