Sample law Personal Statement

I became interested in the legal system because I wanted to do the right thing and because I liked the feeling I got from being able to help people. Human behavior is dynamic, but the law is able to stay focused on protecting people’s rights and advancing society as a whole. As a society, we have a problem with human rights abuses, and the law has historically been able to accurately defend people’s acts, much to the delight of many. All members of society are expected to abide by the law, making it an integral part of the moral framework. Therefore, I reasoned, a profession in the legal field would allow me to both support doing what is right and help others when they are having difficulties. The more I study law, the more confident I become that it will help me better understand the world and myself, leading to an increase in my morality and values.

Intriguing reading material can be found in the challenges of the business world. My goal in life is to better myself in a number of ways, including through increasing my capacity for rational thought and my internal drive. I think studying business at your school will help me achieve my goals. This course will equip me with the information I need to comprehend the economy and the financial system, both of which have always fascinated me. I think it’s a good idea to combine the two fields of study because both business and law are timely topics right now. One of my favorite things about business is how it can be properly combined with social issues. Every facet of our lives is touched by the business world.


Since I started school at the A-Level, I’ve taken a wide range of courses to set myself up for success in a future legal career. Because of my background in English literature, I am able to dissect and reformat data in such a way that readers obtain a more thorough understanding of a topic and begin to perceive things from my vantage point. Competencies required of a solicitor or barrister to practice law. My forays into the study of philosophy and ethics have already begun to illuminate hitherto opaque areas of the law and human nature. Putting morality at the center of the law and drawing sharp lines between right and wrong are two ideas that, in my view, form the bedrock of legal doctrine and are essential to achieving this goal. The abilities I learned in theater have served me well in the corporate and legal realms, where I have presented myself as an articulate, competent, and employable candidate.


Over the course of my career, I have worked in a wide range of situations, giving me a broad range of applicable skills and experiences. Through my work as a sales assistant for “Greencore,” I have been able to get valuable experience in the corporate sector and improve my literacy, numeracy, and interpersonal skills. To have me teach new hires at my organization is a clear sign that they have faith in me as an instructor. I’ve been able to expand my knowledge of HR thanks to my time at Greencore. This gave me the opportunity to gain experience managing people’s situations and thinking of solutions for problems, both of which are skills that will be useful to me in the legal field.


Because of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over my seven years of education, I’m ready to take on the challenges of your course. Because of my job with Pixl-Edge, I get to interact with other students and put them under my control on a daily basis right here at the school. As a result, I’ve been able to effectively represent the company in my capacity as an ambassador. Being an ambassador gave me the opportunity to become more independent, which is a quality that will serve me well in university. Being a reader leader, in which role I am responsible for providing once-weekly reading assistance to a student, has improved my capacity to comprehend the feelings of others. Since I am a voracious reader and enjoy reading a wide variety of books, this will make it slightly easier for me to get through all of the reading I have to do for law school. Reading has helped me increase the amount of information I can retain as well as improve my ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. My dedication to the academy has been acknowledged with the “Principles Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Academy,” which I received as a prize. Providing evidence of my ongoing support for the institution by participating in activities such as instructing students at my school in African drumming every Thursday and taking part in the majority of the charitable performances staged throughout the course of the academic year.


I am aware that attending university will be difficult; however, I believe that I have been prepared adequately and that this will make it possible for you to accept my application to your institution.

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