Refund Policy governs the criteria through which our customers can avail reimbursements. Students must read the refund policy before you place an order.After you order from us, we assume that you agree with our policies without disagreement after reading them entirely.

Our refund policy is as follows:

A request for a refund does always guarantee 100% money back. Customer should wait for a dispute resolution team to review the money-back request and determine if it is genuine.The basis for a refund .

These are the instances in which we issue a refund:

Inability to find a qualified writer

we refund if we are unable to find a writer with qualifications or available to write an admission essay. We take a step to notify a customer about an inability to find a writer within a reasonable time and issue the refund.

Over payment

We define over payment as paying more than actual cost or payment for the same order twice. We will inform you about the anomaly for you to confirm if the payment was a mistake. The billing department will initiate the refunding process when you communicate to us that the extra pay was a mistake. You can inform us about over payment if you notice it before our billing department.  We would act promptly and cancel one order if you paid twice for the same order. An over payment may also happen if you are double charged, for instance on credit card and another payment method such a PayPal.  Send us the two receipts to complain if we have not noticed through email or live chat.  We will return the amount you paid in excess.

Low quality

Low quality for an admission essay means that the writer of the admission essay has not followed the instructions,   writing standards and grammar rules. We can refund if a writer did not achieve high-quality standards, and we are unable to revise accordingly.


customers get a partial refund when a writer is unable to write an admission essay on time, thus delaying delivery.  The refund we issue is equal to the amount we determine as fair compensation for an hour of lateness.

Order cancellation

A customer who cancels an order after we accept it and process the payment can get a refund if we have not assigned it to a writer. We reserve a right to charge a cancellation fee.  The refund will be lesser if the request is at a time when a writer is already writing the admission essay. We will deduct writer payment equal to the extent of writing at the point of order termination. The writer deserves compensation for the time and effort to write of the admission essay even if it is not complete at during order cancellation.We cannot refund if a customer cancels an order that is within 24 hours of the deadline as it is most likely that the writer is through with the writing.

Customers who deserve to get a refund will have their money back within 7 days working after approval. It usually happened before the time.We provide customers who qualify for a refund a choice to recharge the amount to their payment wallet. The money will be available to pay for another order in future.

Refund Dispute Resolution

We have a Quality Assurance Department that proofreads that evaluates the quality of writing, formatting and adherence to instructions if the reason for seeking revision is poor quality.A dispute manager will make an independent decision within 7 days the QAD and the customer cannot agree if there is a right to claim a refund or not.

It is our discretion to find an independent arbitrator to make the final decision after determining the merits of the request in case of a dispute about legibility for a refund. The arbitrator is someone who understands professional admission essay writing and running of writing services.  The decision is final, and the outcome can be:

  • The client should get a complete refund
  • A partial refund is fair
  • The customer does not have sufficient grounds to get money back

All requests for money back are subject to this refund policy. Communicate to us if you require additional information or clarification. It is our discretion to change or amend this privacy policy without notice.  Our request to the customer is that they should read it frequently to determine if there any changes.