Privacy Policy is an admission essay writing service bases in the United States. We respect the privacy of everyone who gets our writing service. Our privacy policy guides the way we collect and store data that we gather to provide writing service, communicate, and advertise.

 Data protection

We do not share or sell personal data. Our website is secure, and we scan it regularly to ensure that data storage is safe from hacking and identifying any possible loopholes.   Sometimes we might share personal data for processing by a thirds party that we contract to provide us with a particular service like processing payment. We ensure that any party we contract is trustworthy and will store shared data safely.

 Collection of information

We, at times, will ask customers to share certain personal information on specific occasions when we require it. The information we require most is a name, email, and phone number from new customers after signing up. We get the contact details for communication about our service or orders.  Customer information also helps us to serve those who require personalized services. It enables us to identify you when you seek our service, such as ordering for an admission essay, pay for a service, or communicate to inquire about something, complain, or make a claim.

We take the utmost care to secure personal data and restrict access to only those employees who must access it to provide the service. We also take measures we can to secure transmission, but we cannot control it beyond our servers. For example, transmitting an email is through different servers before it reaches the recipient.

 Use of personal information

We can use personal information to help us achieve the purpose of requesting it. We will seek consent when it is necessary as we desist from communicating to our customers unnecessarily.  We regard personal information in our possession to be private, and we do not consider it our discretion to share with third parties without informing the owners.

  Sensitive data

Payment and credit card data are sensitive. Our customer support representative might request for information regarding credit or debit card data to follow up on payment. Such communication will only be through the phone as no one can intercept it.  We only call to request for personal information when it is urgent since we provide customers with an option to enter card details through a secure payment page on the site.     We do not store credit card data after processing the payment because we know it is susceptible.


We set cookies to browsers to allow better access to our site and improve the browser experience. Cookies are text files we place on a computer to gather information on the way website visitors use it, on-site activities, and personal preferences. You can set your browser not to accept cookies, but you should know that it may deter some of the features from proper functioning.


We can use the information you share to profile your preferences to identify products and services that we can market to you. We restrict the number of marketing messages in a month so that they do not become excessive. Online advertising matches our contact with customers or our mobile apps for customer interaction. You reserve a right to refuse our marketing communications at any time. We use personally to provide customer service or administration.

Notifications about our products and services has other products that relate to the admission essay writing service. They include proofreading, editing, and plagiarism software. We use the contact information you provide when making an order to inform you about our other products and promotions. We can notify you by email, social media posts, SMS/MMS, and phone calls. We can send information in bulletins, newsletters as any other materials for passing the information on subscription or campaigns. We provide everyone with an option to opt-out of receiving such messages.

Link to other websites

We have links to other websites.  We inform our web users and visitors to read the privacy of other websites they access by hyperlinks on our site. Our privacy policy only applies to We cannot take responsibility for any of your privacy and security when you use other websites that link to our site. It is safe to confirm the status of us if you are not sure.

Third-party adverts

Third parties can conduct targeted advertising by collecting personal information and sharing details about their products. The data they will hold about you is beyond our control. It is not our responsibility to control third-party advertising materials linked to our site.  Beware that some might contain inaccuracies errors or omissions.

Disclosure of personal information

You share a lot of personal information when seeking admission essay writing service to guide the writer and for any communication with us. All of it is secure, and we will not disclose to other parties unless the law compels us.  Protecting our or other people’s rights or legal redress after detecting a criminal activity like fraud are some of the reasons for sharing personal data with investigators or law enforcement agencies. We may also share personal information if:

  • Use of our website or service for illegal or offensive activities
  • Taking advantage of our interaction to disrupt the performance of our or other websites and services

Disclosure to other parties

We can also share personal information with other parties if we sell our business interests. The buyer has a right to access the personal information that we were holding. We can disclose your personal information to third-party service providers that we contract to perform tasks such as marketing, advertising, and payment processing.

Accessing personal information

We grant our customers the right to ask for copies of their personal information.  We give it free most of the time, but we reserve a right to ask for a small fee for facilitating processing. You can communicate to us by sending an email or calling if you have a reason to believe we are holding inaccurate information about you that someone can misuse or you require us to correct. We also have a right to request information and ask questions that enable us to confirm your identity.   We might monitor or record phone calls for our mutual protection.

Underage age users

Children should get the consent of parents or guardians before they provide personal data and use the website. We cancel all the services and transactions we have had with a customer after determining the person is underage. We will also remove any shared information with the person.

Final provision

We make every effort to protect personal information collected from our website users.  Our employees undergo regular training on data security. All the interactions and transactions we have been guided by this privacy policy to create harmony between our website users and us.

We can modify, amend, change, or alter this privacy policy without notice.   We start to apply it a day after publication on our website. Our website users should read our privacy policy frequently to determine if it has any changes.

Contact us for any questions about the privacy policy or personal information that we hold about you.