Phd Fellowship Essay sample

When I was younger, my passion for horseback riding was all-consuming. I used education as a means to an end since I needed to maintain good marks in order to ride my horse at the barn.
The assignments I had to finish for school quickly changed as I advanced in my studies into something that was more than simply a means to an end for me. As I noticed that I came to like school and my academics more and more, I understood that I had an increasing passion and interest for learning new things. Even yet, I had the same amount of desire to improve my riding abilities as I had my academic performance. I could have done a lot better in every way. Due to time restrictions, it has never been easy for me to pursue both of my interests at once, but I have always been able to do so. My next goal is to earn a clinical psychology PhD so that I can work in forensic and psychological assessment. I’ll have additional career opportunities as a result.
I decided to specialize in psychology in college after seeing firsthand the need of efficient stress management during horse competitions. When I took an introductory course, my interest in psychology was first sparked, and it has only increased since then. Being inherently curious, I was quite interested in learning more about the various ailments. I took criminal profiling and criminalistics courses while an undergraduate student, both of which sparked my interest in criminals and the study of law and criminal justice. I was inspired to come up with a plan that would let me research and study at the same time.
After that, a forensic psychologist discussed forensic psychology and neurological testing with my Psychology and Law class, and I was given a tour of the maximum security jail in McCallister, Oklahoma. These encounters have led me to the decision that I want to take part in the criminal evaluation procedure. I am especially interested in and wish to further define the ideas of legal insanity, malingering, and competency to stand trial. developed primarily for use in a variety of practical applications I’m interested in creating and enhancing metrics that can be used in evaluation.

I have received a ton of help from two different training alternatives in laying a strong basis for my graduate-level studies. I was given the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant in an introductory psychology course for one semester to get things going. For the sake of this experience, I was in charge of designing the course, giving part of the lectures, and figuring out how to keep the material engaging for the students I was teaching. It was also my duty to maintain a record of the research credits earned, together with the papers that were assessed and the attendance that was verified. As I pursue my graduate degree, the experiences I’ve gained from these opportunities have given me the option to broaden those experiences.
I was also able to gain a great amount of experience working as Dr. Smith’s research assistant.

The Laboratory for the Study of Emotion and Psychophysiology under the DeMond Grant (LEAP). I was able to help Dr. Grant build up his laboratory as a result of this employment, and this opportunity greatly increased my chances for professional growth. This involved assessing the data that we collected as well as helping with the installation and programming of various psychophysiological apparatus, such as an electrocardiogram and an electrogalvanic skin response (ESR). Last but not least, I was in charge of arranging and cleaning up the data and materials that were discovered in the laboratory, as well as directing two distinct research projects. These conversations have given me a better understanding of the difficulties and constraints that come with conducting research. But I’ve also come to realize that conducting research can be a highly fulfilling activity in and of itself. After having these experiences, I am extremely excited to plan and conduct my own study.
I would have the best opportunity to do research in the fields of psychology and criminal justice within the framework of the legal system if I were to obtain a clinical Ph.D. The educational opportunities I have at The University of North Texas are excellent for helping me achieve the career objectives I have set for myself. In my own words, I am



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