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To ensure that only the most competent medical students and physicians make up our core proofreading staff, we have a stringent application and screening process. By analyzing a massive corpus of student writing, we are able to identify patterns that made some students more memorable and competitive.
With our assistance, you will achieve your goal and change the game without sacrificing quality for lower costs.We are affordable, efficient and reliable medical school application essay proofreading services. Meet some of our professional proofreaders here:

Sinibaldo Romero Arocha

When it comes to medical school applications, a professional who knows the ins and outs of the process is an invaluable resource. Future Doctor Sinibaldo Romero Arocha is an MD/PhD candidate who was an outstanding medical school applicant and is currently enrolled in a fully-funded fellowship. He has also served as a member of the Mayo Clinic Post-Baccalaureate Program selection committee and has extensive experience in editing personal statements. He will customize his approach to your unique needs and goals.

Dr. Berger

In his 2003 report, Dr. Berger noted that his MCAT scores were average to slightly above average. His scores on the PSAT test, written language, and visual memory were also within the average range. Nevertheless, Dr. Berger did not meet the requirements for a learning disability. Therefore, he will need the assistance of a proofreader to improve his essay. His clients can benefit from his experience and expertise.
Brendan Berger started medical school at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) in 2011. He is on track to graduate from the school in 2015, though he has not yet passed the USMLE Step 2 CK. In addition to helping medical students, Dr. Berger has helped several medical students in their applications, including students who had been denied accommodations due to his disabilities.

Dr. Ferrante

As an incoming pediatric resident at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, Dr. Ferrante possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in medical school essays and personal statements. She also served as the chair of the school’s medical student admissions committee and conducted applicant interviews. Dr. Ferrante offers her clients years of experience proofreading and editing application essays, personal statements, and interview preparation.
She is a passionate mentor to students who are aiming to get into medical school and has the dedication to turn their dreams into reality. She also works with students to write their personal statements that will make their application stand out. Her passion for helping students succeed in medical school is apparent in the results she has achievedA qualified editor can help you write a compelling essay based on your experience, your interests, and your goals. The most successful medical school essays in recent admissions have been edited by a medical school essay proofreader. You’ll get a better chance of admission if your essay is proofread by a professional. By hiring a professional proofreader, you’ll receive a polished product that is sure to catch the admissions officers’ attention and increase your chances of getting into medical school.

Dr. Romero Arocha

Dr. Romero Arocha has been editing medical school applications for over five years. He was a top applicant to medical school and earned his MD and Ph.D. while attending the Mayo Clinic Post-Baccalaureate Program. He has experience editing personal statements and interviewing and will tailor his approach to each student. He also works with students who are applying for a residency program.

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