Medical Admission Essay Writing Tips

Here are some helpful medical admission essay writing tips. Keep in mind that the character limit for an essay is 5,300 characters, so make sure to write in a logical order. The focus of your essay should be the reasons why you want to study medicine. Make sure that your essay is interesting and tells a compelling story. Write more than one draft. Editing helps you improve your story for the admissions committee. Avoid using clichés or cliched language.

Avoiding cliches

One of the most important aspects of the personal statement you write for medical school is avoiding cliches. These phrases make it hard to read what you are saying, and they make the reader feel detached from your words. Instead, use real life situations and examples to tell the admissions committee more about who you are. This will create a more memorable statement for the reader. However, you must remember to remain professional and avoid using over-the-top language and grammatical errors.
Aside from avoiding cliches, you must also remember to avoid overuse of jargon and common phrases. Similarly, you should avoid using common phrases or metaphors. Try using a new one every now and then. Make sure to check for overly-complicated sentences or typos as well. Avoiding cliches is not hard, but it does require concentration.

Setting context

You can show professionalism by using a variety of words in your personal statement. The reader can’t see your mannerisms or personal style, but he can sense a sense of respect and concern for others. Use stories that highlight how you have demonstrated professionalism in the past. You may even be able to tell a story of how you rescued an individual. However, it’s important to be aware of your audience.
The introduction is essential. It could make or break your entire statement. Use the introduction to grab the committee’s attention. Mentioning your motivation or inspiration is an excellent way to grab their attention. The body of the essay should be well-structured and flow. You can seek help from a medical school adviser if you’re not sure how to approach this part of the process. Whether it’s a college or medical school essay, the introductory paragraph is an opportunity to highlight your personal qualities and skills.

Avoiding overly dramatic first sentence

One key rule of the medical admissions process is to avoid using overly dramatic language in the first sentence. You can do this by using a hook from your childhood, or by referencing an event that occurred during your formative years. A hook that is overly dramatic will create concerns among readers about your life experience and risk of appearing sheltered. Alternatively, you can use recent events to show that you have been actively involved in the world and can bring a sense of urgency to the reader.

Avoiding ranting about controversial topics

Unlike in the personal statement of many other disciplines, a medical admissions essay should not be a rant. It should be focused on your own personal journey, not on someone else’s. Whether it is a personal tragedy or a current political issue, an admissions officer will have little interest in reading an essay in which the author denigrates someone else. However, the writer should demonstrate personal growth in the essay.

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