LLB Law Personal Statement

In this never-ending maze that we call life, the question of what is right and what is wrong determines what kinds of behavior are and are not acceptable. However, where exactly does one draw the line between what is right and what is wrong? How can you tell whether an action is fundamentally appropriate or inappropriate to take? The answer lies in legal procedure. My desire to be a part of the continual fight to maintain order in a society that is constantly changing is the driving force behind my interest in law and politics.

When I first started looking into Islamic Law, I found out about a topic that I had strong feelings about. I have been attending an Islamic school once a week after work for the past five years, studying for a degree in Islamic Law, Theology, and Jurisprudence. Each weekday, I spend three hours there. My goal is to graduate from high school within the next year. My interest in the structure and operation of the legal system in Britain has been aroused as a result of the extensive research I have conducted into Islamic law. My fascination with the law has been piqued by the numerous times I’ve visited the Royal Courts of Justice. There, I’ve taken part in both spectator-style mock trials and, most memorably, the role of defense attorney for a client accused of murder in a string of gang-related crimes. Both of these experiences have given me a unique perspective on the legal system and have inspired me to pursue a career in law. In order to gain a deeper understanding of this subject, I spent the summer before last reading “Letters to a Law Student” written by Nicholas McBride. In this book, he provides prospective law students with sound guidance on how to organize and approach their academic work. In the course of my efforts to gain a deeper understanding of the legislative process, I’ve discovered that doing so has piqued my interest in politics and the news to a significant degree. During the election in 2015, I devoted a significant amount of time to campaigning in my seat for the Labour Party because I believe that this is essential for everyone who wants to become a lawyer.

My coursework in Government and Politics has given me a greater understanding of how laws are formulated, put into effect, and maintained in the United Kingdom. As a result, my interest in this field of study has increased even further as a result of this newfound knowledge. In point of fact, it was the latter that piqued my interest in the legal profession in the first place. Because of the coursework I took in economics, I now have a thorough understanding of the workings of the British economy and how it is connected to those of other countries and economies around the world. As a result of the time I spent studying geography, I am now able to perform exhaustive tests of hypotheses, and as a direct consequence of this, I have been able to carry out in-depth case studies of a number of different places all over the world. Having acquired a working knowledge of the English language, I am now better able to identify weaknesses in both written and oral arguments, which will be an asset to me in the legal profession.

Because of my familiarity with Islamic Law, I am able to provide direction to the approximately 200 boys who regularly attend the Muslim prayer session held at our school. This responsibility, in conjunction with my involvement in the Green Forum, has assisted me in developing both my sense of self-assurance and my sociability among the other students. I started a non-profit organization with the goal of reducing the amount of waste produced by schools around the country and making them more environmentally friendly. As a result of the work I put into establishing this forum, I’ve been considered for the title of “Young Person of the Year” in London. Since its debut in January 2015, the organization has undergone significant expansion, and as a result, I am now responsible for supervising a group of more than forty students and maintaining communication with their respective principals at five different schools located throughout London. In addition, I worked as a teaching assistant for a year, helping sixty ninth-graders with their geography classes. During that period, I assisted the teachers in managing their time and preparing lessons. The weekend job I currently have is working part-time at Azhar Academy, which is a large Islamic organization. As a result of the fact that I needed to balance extracurricular activities, academics, and Islamic studies while finishing my GCSEs and AS levels, my ability to manage my time effectively has significantly improved.

I believe that having a degree in law would be beneficial for me due to the fact that I have a strong will, that I am dedicated, and that I am tenacious. I am convinced that obtaining a legal degree would bring out the best in me and provide me the opportunity to make big contributions to my university. I am also able to organize my priorities effectively and stay focused on a task until it is finished.

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