Law with Criminology Personal Statement

It fascinates me to understand more about the inner workings of our legal system since, without it, civilization would collapse. I also hope to gain an understanding of the complexities of the human mind and character. When compared to other species, humans stand out thanks to their unique behavioral quirks. The capacity to grasp this and use it as the foundation for an argument is crucial if you want to convince someone to see things from your perspective. Criminology is a subfield of psychology that has recently attracted my interest as a student of the latter. The discussion of whether nature or nurture is more powerful in shaping criminal behavior is extremely interesting to me. I’ve found especially intriguing the debate over whether or not a person’s genes or upbringing play a bigger role in shaping their criminal behavior.

Science of Mind Working at A Level requires me to be analytical and open to hearing other points of view. My analytical skills have increased, and I now know that a thorough investigation of the evidence is necessary before constructing a convincing case. Since I’m studying English Literature, I have to think about how other people see the works. Because of this, I can now look into angles that I had overlooked before. The practice of public speaking I got in English Literature class has helped me immensely in all my other classes. For example, I’ve had to talk with authority about controversial topics like Othello’s portrayal and push readers to see beyond Shakespeare’s use of literary devices like foil. Patience is a virtue that must be exercised when trying to figure out a solution to a problem. The challenges I’ve faced in math have helped me grow and expand my abilities beyond my comfort zone. It’s not awkward for me to ask for help or consider suggestions from others. This will help me as I advance in my studies, as I will need to be creative in finding solutions to challenges and making the most of my abilities if I are to reach my full potential.


After completing a MOOC on Corporate Lawyers and Ethics in Society, I’ve found that I’m much more thorough in my work. When making a decision, for example, it’s important to weigh all of the relevant factors, no matter how large or small they may seem individually. The most intriguing part of this course was the information I gained regarding the ethics that lawyers should adhere to. In the course of their daily lives, they are frequently confronted with issues that challenge their moral compass. My eyes have been awakened to the complexity of the law and the fact that there is no simple solution. Taking this course with my A-levels has also helped me become a better time manager.


I commute to Eastbourne once a week to attend my Chinese lessons. This helps me keep in touch with my kin in the UK as well as China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Knowing three languages will help me connect with more people in Asia when I return there. I often find myself acting as a translator for others who, due to a language barrier, are unable to express themselves clearly; in doing so, I help both parties involved express and comprehend one another’s ideas. I often find myself acting as a translator for those who are unable to express themselves clearly due to a lack of a common language.


For the past five years, I’ve been helping out at my parents’ take-out, and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to run the business on my own, which has helped me mature into a responsible adult. To be effective in my team function, I need to be able to read customers’ emotions and cues from their faces and bodies, and deal tactfully with even the most challenging customers. Disputes arise frequently and must be resolved amicably. Over time, I’ve honed my capacity to think rapidly and come up with answers to challenges that satisfy everyone involved. My free time is best spent reading. The Lost Soul by Rosie Goodwin not only renewed my interest in the law, but also enlightened me about its numerous facets. Because of this book, I have a deeper appreciation for the numerous subtle forms of child exploitation that exist unchecked. This has opened my eyes to the possible corruption in society and the necessity to challenge myths about it. Studying Law and Criminology would give me a more well-rounded education and teach me more about how our society works because of the regulations that everyone observes.

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