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When applying to college, you must consider several factors before composing the essay. Your essay is your chance to highlight your personal qualities and express yourself in an engaging way. Listed below are some ideas that will help you come up with an essay that is worthy of your application. The following tips will help you choose a topic:

Common application essay prompts

The 2022-23 Common Application essay prompts have been released. Designed to inspire candidates to write personal essays with rich emotional resonance, these seven prompts aim to explore all styles and tones of essays. Once again, personal stories will be limited to 650 words, or one single-spaced page. Nevertheless, it is a challenge to find a topic that can inspire both specificity and vulnerability. So, what should you write about?
While the prompts may be common, they also offer the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. For example, students can engage with their favorite subject and weave personal narratives around their growth and experience. Similarly, students can use their unique interest to show their engagement with their surroundings. This is an ideal way to showcase your unique perspective. If you have a passion for a certain subject, use this opportunity to show your passion and originality.

Avoiding controversial topics in college application essays

While it may seem tempting to include some of your most embarrassing moments in your college application essay, there are some things you should avoid. While we don’t recommend revealing any of your worst habits or sex acts, we do encourage you to use some humor when possible. In addition to keeping your essay light-hearted and entertaining, it is also important to stay on topic. This article will help you choose the perfect topics for your college essays.
Don’t write about topics that may polarize the school community. While you may think that controversial topics are cool, they can actually make you appear as shallow and desperate as possible. It’s important to remember that the admissions committee doesn’t know you, so they will make assumptions based on the information you provide. You can, however, take a risk by writing about topics you are uncomfortable with. Consider alternatives to controversial topics if you’re unsure.

Telling a story from your own life

While the process of writing your essay can be difficult, consider telling a story from your life. College admissions committees are looking for students who are thoughtful, reflective, and motivated. A personal essay reflects these qualities. Here are some ways to tell a story. If you’ve ever lost your mother, for instance, you can share how you persevered despite the difficulties.
When choosing a college application essay topic, keep in mind that the most important thing is the subject and the perspective of the author. It is important to keep in mind that your personal story will be unique to you. In writing a personal story, you will highlight your personal traits and personal qualities, rather than simply showcasing the college or university’s interests. You may also write about a topic that’s deeply personal, such as feminism.

Identifying your strengths

Identifying your strengths as a college admissions essay topic is a great idea if you have some unique traits that are not typically emphasized on resumes. Some people have a knack for memorizing trivia and playing the devil’s advocate, while others take meticulous color-coded notes when studying. These are all valuable traits that should be showcased in your college application essay. Listed below are some ways to identify your strengths.
Identify your passions and interests. There are countless activities and experiences that you have taken part in that have shaped who you are. Colleges are looking for a thoughtful and curious student who can articulate their passions. Your essay should show that you are interested in the subject you’re writing about, and explain how you pursued that interest. Then, highlight the aspects of your life that have made you who you are.

Defining your personality

When defining your personality as a college application essay topic, it helps to first identify your dominant trait. Once you know which trait you are more likely to exhibit, you can write a creative story that shows this trait. College admissions counselors are generally progressive, so defining your dominant trait is a great way to show them this. Here are some examples of good essay topics to choose from:
A narrative essay is a classic type of personal essay. The narrative format allows for creative expression, as well as dialogue and vivid descriptions. As long as you follow logic and context, your ideas should naturally flow from paragraph to paragraph. For best results, outline a story arc that involves 3-5 aspects of your personality and a cause and effect between the two. If you can’t decide on a theme before starting your essay, consider starting with one or two major points.

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