The admission essay offers a great opportunity for an applicant to stand out in a pack of law school applicants. Writing a good admission essay will increase the chances of getting into your law school of choice. Even though GPA and LSAT still form the core basis for admission into law school, colleges are now getting an overwhelmingly large number of applications from exceptionally bright students from all over the globe. The stream of applications from very qualified applicants; as far as grades are concerned are often overwhelmingly high for top law schools across the globe. With this increasing competition, the admission panel is increasingly relying on the admission essay to weed out otherwise qualified applicants. It is therefore very crucial for students to write an outstanding admission essay. But, how do you go about writing the perfect laws admission essay?

First and foremost, the admission essay must indicate a deep clarity of thought and introspection. Most admission essays ask students to write something about their personal lives. Thus, your admission essay must give the admission panel some insight into who you are, what your dreams are and  what motivates you. In answering such questions, you must prove to the admission panel that you have a deep sense of self-awareness and that you are able to reflect about yourself in a manner that is meaningful. From your admission essay, the admission panel should be able to determine whether you are a good fit for the school and whether you will be able to add value to the student fraternity. Secondly, the admission panel should be able to judge whether you are fit to attend law school. Lastly, you personal story should stand out and differentiate you from the rest of the pack. There are a few aspects that must be taken into consideration while writing an admission essay:

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It should be in Narrative Form.

This is because your admission essay needs to tell a story about your life. In form the admission panel about your success, your failures and how these have helped shape your life. You can also talk about your dreams and aspirations and how the various experiences in your life have shaped the path you have chosen to take. Point out to the admission panel how the story of your life fits in with you being admitted into law school. What experiences in your life have fueled the desire for you to be admitted into law school? Why do you want to be a lawyer? Who is your greatest motivation to become a lawyer? Answering such questions will go along way into convincing the admission panel that you are the right fit for law school. 

While telling your story, make sure that you focus on your best qualities. These qualities should be the kind that would appeal to a law school admission panel. Point out personal characteristics such as passionate, motivated, confidence, integrity and curiosity among others. You should also point out certain important skills that you may possess. These include leadership skills, good interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills among others.  The important thing to note is that you need to make a very strong and positive first impression. When discussing your goals or aspirations, be persuasive enough, so that the admission panel is inspired by your passion.

Pay attention to the word limit

In order to stay within the word limit, avoid giving unnecessary information. This involves writing down different aspects of your life that do not add any value to the essay. These are the life experiences and personal qualities that have no impact on why you need to be admitted into law school. It is important to focus on the main events that had the greatest impact on your decision to become a lawyer. While doing the law school admission essay, avoid being redundant. Avoid repeating information that could already be clear in other parts of the application. For example, avoid talking about grades or extracurricular activities as this information is already covered by the resume.

Be Positive

Avoid mentioning any negative events in your admission essay. It is important to focus on positive life events and qualities. Do not mention any negative quality that you may possess. However, writing about certain obstacles in your life and how you overcame them is an added plus as this will paint you out as a very resilient individual. 

Writing Skills

Your writing skills should be top notch. It is therefore important to do a grammar check on you essay. Also, ensure that you use college level vocabulary. This will show that you are a very articulate individual. Being articulate is one of the key characteristics of good lawyers. Lastly, it is important to have your essay proofread by a professional, as these will ensure the highest quality.