The admission essay is very important when applying to be admitted to any institution of higher learning. It contains the student’s personal details as well as his/her dreams and aspirations and how these are connected to a college or university. While writing an admission essay, it is very important for the student to examine himself or herself in order to determine the best qualities that will capture the attention of the admissions panel. It is common knowledge that grades form the basis for admission into any institution of higher learning. However, in an admission letter, the student must show that there is more to him/her than just good grades or excellent extra-curricular activities. Writing a winning admission essay that captures the interest of the admissions panel may seem like a very daunting task for many students. This is because the student must write the essay in a manner that differentiates him/her from the rest of the pack. The student focus on painting an accurate picture of the qualities that make him/her unique.


The admission letter gives you the opportunity to tell the admission panel of your goals and aspirations in life, and why you think the college of your choice will act as the perfect steppingstone towards the achievement of these goals. Point out what your driving force is and why. What motivates you to wake up every day? What are the life experiences that have shaped the individual that you are today? You could also point out the various obstacles you may have come across in life and how you learned certain valuable lessons from them. Your general outlook towards life must appear to be positive. However, a student must take care not to write down his/her entire life story in the admission essay. Simply outline the major events that have had the most impact on you. Many students make the mistake of writing an admission essay that tries to explain why they would be the best fit for a college or university. Focus instead on painting a picture of who you are, what are your goals in life, and how the college will help you attain these dreams. The admission letter must inspire the admission panel to believe in your dreams.

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That having been said, here are a few tips on writing the perfect college admission letter:

Follow the Admission Essay Format

Like any other essay, the admission essay has three parts: the thesis statement, the body and the conclusion. It is very important to write the essay in the form of a persuasive essay. You must persuade the admission panel that you will not only add value to the student body, but the school will also add value to your life.

Thesis Statement

In two or three sentences, explain why you think you are the best fit for the institution or vice versa. Note that you must describe your positive attributes while at the same time appearing to be modest. The thesis statement is merely a glimpse into what the whole essay will be about.

The Body Paragraph.

Here, give evidences that support the assertion that you have made in the thesis statement. These could be your attributes and the life experiences that have shaped you. Give four to six pieces of information that show you are of sound character and see academics to a better life.


In the conclusion, restate the thesis statement and give a brief summary of you best attributes. An effective conclusion must also give a closing remark that will linger in the minds of the admission panel.Most importantly, ensure that the different parts of the essay flow. Ideas should build on one another, leading to a very strong conclusion. The entire essay must make sense in order to serve its purpose. Avoid using too many words that do not really add value to your admission essay. Note that a standard admission essay should be around 700 words.

Be Yourself

Every individual is unique. It is therefore very important to be yourself when writing the admission letter as this will allow you uniqueness to show. Trying to be someone you are not will only lead you to sound like other students, who will also be striving to write what they imagine the admission panel wants to hear. Let your personality and desires show. Using some humor is an added plus as this will allow you to build rapport with the admission panel.


Like any other essay, grammar and punctuation are very important. The writer should use college level grammar; however extremely complex language should not be used. Good grammar and punctuation will prove to that admission panel that you are capable enough to be admitted into the university.