Many medical schools require students to submit an admission essay as part and parcel of the college application process. A good admission essay will increase your chances of getting into medical school by up to 60%. Medical schools do not only look forward to enrolling bright students, they also want students who are empathetic and have good communication skills. There is a wide range of topics students can choose from. You can be asked to write about any personal experience that charted your course towards the desire to do medicine. Students can also be asked to write about the individuals or mentors who led them to choose such a career path. In some instances, students can be asked about the challenges experiences they have been through, and how these experiences have shaped them as individuals. The admission panel will be curious to know what is your motivation or driving force in choosing to study medicine.

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Here are a few tips to writing a great medical school admission essay:

Take Your Time.
It is very important to give yourself time to write the admission essay. Do not rush through the process as this may result in a substandard essay. Write and rewrite. Remember, you have to put in your best in this essay. There may be hundreds if not thousands of students who will be applying to the same school. Rewrite your first draft, then review it before writing a final draft. At this point, it will be good to have another person read through the essay objectively and give feedback.
Be Yourself
The most important tip in writing any admission essay, is to be yourself. Avoid writing down clichés. Writing that you want to go to medical school because you love the sciences or because you want to be of service to humanity, may be true, but it is what everybody else will be writing about. Therefore, find you own unique angle. Feel free to go personal in this essay. Focus on your own unique qualities and experiences. While relating your own experiences to your interest in medicine is an added plus, be careful not to give too many details about your life. Focus on the key experience that have had the greatest impact on your chosen path. Give the personal statement your own unique voice and perspective.
Tell a story
You need to capture the attention of the admission panel. The best way to do this is to tell an interesting story. In case you choose to do so, begin with the story then explain how that story is related to your desire to join medical school. You can also begin with a catchy phrase that is funny and unique. Remember, good interpersonal skills make you a good and efficient doctor. Thus you need to show the admission panel that you are able to build a rapport even with strangers.
Essay Format
Just like any other essay, admission essay must have a structured format. It should be structured in three parts. The introduction, 3-4 body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction is very important. Ideally. These should be 4-5 sentences which are meant to capture the attention of the admission panel. In the body paragraphs, reveal who you are to the panel. The conclusion is also very important. Reflect on what you say in the introduction, give a very brief summary of you are. Then end with a very strong closing remark that is bound to leave an impression with the admission panel.
It is not enough to say that you are a compassionate individual or that you possess empathy. You need to show to the admission panel that you are indeed a compassionate and empathetic individual. This can be done through your life experiences where you portrayed compassion and empathy.
Good writing skills
Last but not least, your writing skills should be top notch. Good writing skills are very important as far as succeeding in college is concerned. In order to ensure that your grammar and vocabulary is up to par, you can hire the services of a professional proofreader. This will ensure that you deliver quality work that will leave a positive impression on the admission panel.