In order to write the perfect admission essay, you must know what the admission panel will be looking out for in your essay. Generally, the admission panel will read your admission essay to determine whether you have the skills necessary to thrive in institutions of higher learning. These skills include critical thinking, clarity of thought and intellectual capability among others. They will be looking at your writing skills since good writing skills contribute greatly to the success of a student in college. You will be expected to write and pass hundreds of papers before you are eligible for graduation.  The specific aspects of an essay that college admission panels look at for may differ from college to college. However, there are several factors that cut across colleges. These factors are:

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Your admission essay must stand out. It must be different. This is because we all have different personalities and obviously different experiences. In order for you to ensure originality, you must be yourself while writing the essay. Be honest about what are your best qualities, and what motivated you to apply for that particular program, in that specific college. Many applicants strive to write what they think the admission panel wants to read, and end up losing their unique streak. It is okay to be personal in the essay, since it is your dream which is at stake. The most boring admission essay are those that lack a personal touch. The admission panel needs to get to know you through your essay. An essay that lack personality will definitely lock you.

Writing admission essays Is an uphill task for most students, since it is not easy to write about oneself in a manner that is objective and honest. Most students fall in the trap of trying to impress. Also, it is a fact that writing does not come naturally to many people. It would therefore be wise to seek out some help while drafting your essay. Once you are done writing, it is good to give the essay to someone else to read it objectively and give you feedback.  Note that being personal does not mean you should be too emotional. Very few students have had life shattering experiences that have shaped the courses of their lives, therefore, avoid trying to exaggerate issues in an attempt to capture the attention of the panel. Remember, honesty is the best policy.

Soft Skill

While reading your admission essay, the admission panel will be looking out for your soft skills. By now, the admission panel is convinced that your hard skills such as grades and extracurricular activities are sufficient. They are now looking to see whether you as an individual can add value to the student body. They want to see whether you are sincere, confident and mature. Other skills that the admission panel look out for are creativity, passion, integrity and good communication skills.

A story

Telling a story is the most effective way of capturing the attention of the admission panel. They are looking to identify an individual who is able to build rapport, as this is indicative of good communication skills. Giving a short story of what led you to choose a certain career path is one way of making the admission essay not only interesting but also personal. The best way to do this is to begin by telling the story, then explaining how that story impacted on your decision to choose that particular college and course. Take note not to force or exaggerate a story. Remember, the key to a good admission essay is, be yourself.


The admission panel will be keen to see whether you are passionate enough about the college and also the program that you intend to study. In order to understand what motivates you, the prompt may ask you questions such as, why do you want to study law? Or why do you think you are a good fit for university x?Be honest about what motivated you to choose that path.  If it is a relative, a friend or a famous personality who inspired you, be sure to say so. Always make sure that you have done in-depth research on the institution you are applying to since admission panels are often curious to see how much you know about the school. 


Last but not least, do not forget to outline your achievements. Many colleges look for individuals who are top achievers, not only in academics, but also in the social sphere. They are also looking out for individuals who showcase leadership skills, creativity and innovation among others. The most important thing, is to talk about your achievements in a modest manner. Do not appear to be arrogant or boastful as this may work against you.