There are very many prestigious universities in the UK. Oxford University is believed to be the top university in the UK. Oxford has branches in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. There are 100 UK universities in the list of Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2020. Top on the list of the best universities in the UK is Oxford University, followed by the University of Cambridge. Three universities from Scotland appear on the top 25 list of the best universities in the world. These are; the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and Aberdeen University. Taking the lead spot in Wales is Cardiff University which is ranked 27th in the world. In Northern Ireland, the best university is Queen’s University Belfast. However, most of the best universities in the UK are found in London. These include UCL, University of Greenwich, Imperial College London and the University of Westminster. 

Here is a sneak preview of the top three universities in the UK.

  1. University of Oxford

Oxford has been around for a very long time. It is a prime institution that has churned out top scholars from its 44 colleges. Since it is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, the standards of entry are a bit too high. The competition is also very high; they receive five applications for every vacancy that they have. The university is highly sought after due to the fact that it offers 250 joint honor’s programs. The university has very many educational and recreational facilities. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are housed within the college.

Some of the leading personalities in the world graduated from Oxford University. 30 world leaders are products of this prestigious institution. 27 of the UK prime ministers also come from Oxford. Other notable personalities include 50 Nobel Prize winners and 120 Olympic Medalists.

2.                   University of Cambridge

Just like Oxford, this university has been around for a very long time and is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world. The university has a large population of students and staff in its 31 colleges. It has one of the leading mathematics departments in the world. The university has produced some of the leading scientists in Britain, such as Charles Darwin. Mathematicians from the university have won a total of 11 Field Medals. The university has also produced more than 100 Nobel Prize winners. The qualifications for being admitted into Cambridge are very high, the institution has a very low acceptance rate of only 25%.

3.                   Imperial College London

This is one of the leading universities in the world as far as science, technology, engineering, medicine and business is concerned. It admits students from more than 125 nationalities across the globe. This institution has produced leading personalities, not only in science but sports as well. Some of the world’s leading leaders graduated from Imperial College London.  Most of the world’s leading innovators and industry leaders are products of this prestigious institution. The employment rate for graduates of the university it very high, since they are highly sought after.

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