Choosing a university in the United States may be a very daunting task, given the many good options. As per the Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2020, there are 172 universities in the United States, which are ranked as being some of the best universities in the world. Almost every State in the US has a top ranked university. The State of California has the highest number of highly rate universities, with 14, she is followed closely by New York which has 13 universities, 12 in Texas and 10 in Massachusetts. The top five universities in the US, according to this ranking are:

1.      California Institute of Technology

Even though this university has a somewhat small student population of only 2000, it has produced some of the most outstanding professionals in the world. The university has produced 39 Nobel prize winners and 6 Turing Awards winners.

2.      Stanford University

Since the university is situated just beside the Silicon Valley, it has played a very fundamental role in encouraging the development of the tech industry. The founders of Google and Snapchat are all from Stanford University. The companies that have been founded by the Stanford Alumni make more than $2.7 trillion annually.

3.      Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This university has cultivated a very strong entrepreneurial culture. Companies such as Intel and Dropbox were founded by alumni from the institution.

4.      Princeton University

This is an Ivy League institution that has maintained a very strong reputation for more than 200 years. The university has a population of about 8000 students. The institution has a very unique social environment and also very good academic records.

5.      Harvard University

Harvard has one of the strongest reputations across the globe. Having been founded in 1636, it is in fact the oldest university in the States. It has a student population of over 20000.

According to another ranking by, the top 5 universities are as follows:

1.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

2.  Stanford University

3.   Harvard University

4.  California Institute of Technology

5.  Princeton University

It can be noted that the same universities appear in this ranking, albeit in a different order.

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