If you are a student who is looking forward to studying abroad, you may have already considered the US as being a prime studying destination. The United States has some of the best universities in the world. Between 2017/2018, the country has received more than 970,000 international students. There are those who wonder why such a huge number of students would be motivated to leave their countries and go study in the United States. There are very many benefits of studying in the United States, some of these benefits are discussed below:

Access to top rated institutions

According to the Times Ranking of the Best Universities in the World, 172 universities are found in the US. According to another ranking by QS World University Ranking, 5 out of 10 best universities in the world are from the US. Some of the best universities include Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and the University of California. Since universities in the US are highly rated, studying in one will automatically make you are sought after candidate by employers.

Wide range of high quality courses.

US universities offer a very wide range of both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, such of which are not found in other parts of the globe. Also, US universities allow students to combine a wide range of subjects as either majors or minors. Universities in other countries do not offer students such options. Thus students are able to study their interests while at the same time challenging themselves to take up other subjects.

Interaction with students from different nationalities.

US universities have very rich diversity. They take up students from all corners of the world. Studying in the US will allow you to make friends from different parts of the globe and polish your intercultural communication skills. Learning about different cultures will provide for a very interesting part time. Also, you will be able to make very meaningful connections which may come in handy while setting up a business in the future.

International Recognition

Study programs in US universities usually enjoy global recognition. Once you graduate from a US university, you will be able to work in any corner of the globe. Thus you will be able to enjoy an international career.

An Opportunity to learn/Improve English

For those students who come from countries where English is not spoken, then applying to study in the US will offer them a great opportunity to go and learn and improve their English. It is important to note that one must have a very good grasp of the English language in order to enjoy an international career. This is because English is spoken in almost all the corners of the globe.


In the course of your study, you will definitely get the opportunity to travel and see different parts of the US. You will be able to visit some of America’s famous destinations and some of its epic cities. This will allow you to create great memories that you can reminisce when you get back home.

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