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best marketplaces for students

If you’re a student or someone looking for a side job, there are some great places to sell your wares online. Here are the top 5 marketplaces for students. While there are a lot of options to choose from, it’s important to choose the best one for your product or service. These marketplaces all have different selling features, common fees, and best selling items. Paper writing services don’t sell on online marketplaces, but they use other digital marketing techniques to market to college students.



There are a number of reasons why Upwork is one of the best marketplaces for students to work from home. For one, it’s relatively safe, and the vast majority of freelancers are students. Upwork’s security features protect freelancers from fraud. For instance, it measures keystrokes on hourly projects, and randomly screenshots the hire’s screen if there’s a potential for identity theft. For fixed-price projects, Upwork requires a milestone deposit, which is released once the freelancer has completed and approved the work.

Upwork has a diverse base of freelancers. They cover every size, profession, and area of expertise. Some Upwork reviews are written by people who have built entire teams, proving that Upwork is a legit option for students. Even better, there are no hidden costs. The only disadvantage to Upwork is that it’s not for those who need a full-service marketplace, and the quality of the service will depend on your level of experience and your work samples.


Students can use the marketplace platform to earn cash while they study. It’s ideal for students with good fact-checking skills and attention to detail. While editing roles are less time-consuming than content writing ones, they are a great start for a future career and a wide variety of communications-based roles. Students can also use the marketplace to earn money as a side-gig.

Students can start a side hustle by selling their skills on a freelance platform. Most listings are listed with a three-tier pricing structure. A buyer can select from basic, standard, or premium gigs. This approach saves students time as they don’t have to waste time searching for jobs and submitting proposals. Students can make extra money on the weekends by selling their student-specific skills.



If you are a college student, you might be wondering how to earn money from Fiverr. The site is a global marketplace where people offer services for as low as $5. It can range from writing articles to designing logos. And while the prices might be low, there are plenty of opportunities available for students to earn money from Fiverr. And with so many ways to earn money, you can make a decent income while you study.

Although both Fiverr and Truelancer have their advantages, both platforms tend to place low prices above quality. That means that Fiverr is generally more black and white in their projects, while Truelancer has much more flexibility and allows for more unusual gigs. While Fiverr may be cheaper, Guru offers more protection to buyers and sellers. You might want to consider both sites as a part-time alternative, or as a sideline to your main job.


There are a few ways to make money on Etsy while you’re a student. One way is to create an online shop, and sell your handmade items on Etsy. While you can expect to make a small profit on Etsy, the competition can be fierce. Keeping track of your time and the money you spend on advertising your shop is a good idea.

Using Etsy’s search function can boost your online visibility in Google. Etsy users don’t usually look at competing listings, but they do search for products related to what they are looking for. While this can be a great way to get traffic and potential buyers, it can also be challenging to rank high in the search results. Etsy’s search engine ranking algorithm can be complicated, but with a little research, you can get ahead of the competition in no time.



If you’re a student, you’re probably familiar with Gumtree, an online classifieds site. You can sell just about anything on Gumtree, from cars to unwanted stuff. It is a good way to get rid of clutter and make some money at the same time. Here’s how to make the most profit from your ads on Gumtree.

If you’re a student, you’ll want to make the most of a marketplace dedicated to students. The best part is that you can buy and sell anything for free – from clothes and electronics to jobs and apartments. With over 2.4 million listings, Gumtree is one of the most convenient marketplaces for students. You can browse listings on the go or sell your stuff from your phone.

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