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Identifying Best College to Make Your Application

When making a list of colleges, you should consider different outcomes. You should make a shortlist of ten to fifteen, and the colleges that offer majors that align with your interests and professional goals should be on the list. This information will help you narrow down your initial list, and will help you decide which […]
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Choosing Your College Essay Topic

If you’ve ever wondered how to choose a college essay topic, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips to help you choose an intriguing topic. Avoid cliches and take a risk! The goal of a college essay is to get you noticed among the thousands of applicants, so don’t be afraid […]
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Tips For Writing a Medical Essay

When writing a Medical essay, you must keep a few basic tips in mind. Firstly, you should research what your chosen medical school is looking for in a prospective student. The medical field is a demanding one, and personal qualities are highly valued by admissions officers. Before you start writing, sketch out the main moments […]
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Top Medical Schools for International Students

If you’re an international student looking for medical school, you’ve probably considered applying to the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. If not, you might be interested in other U.S. medical schools, such as the University of Florida College of Medicine and the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. Then, you can narrow down your […]
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Medical Admission Essay Writing Tips

Here are some helpful medical admission essay writing tips. Keep in mind that the character limit for an essay is 5,300 characters, so make sure to write in a logical order. The focus of your essay should be the reasons why you want to study medicine. Make sure that your essay is interesting and tells […]
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Medical Personal Statement sample

Examining medical school purpose statements raised an interesting subject. Medicine: art or science? This topic of opposing views fascinates me because I’ve battled to reconcile logic and emotion. Because only medicine balances these competing energies, it’s where I feel most at home. My dream job would be a clinician since it combines problem-solving with assisting […]
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Medical School Application Essay sample

How many of you had a flu shot this year ? I asked the topic to my primary school Bricks 4 Kidz class, where I volunteer to teach fundamental scientific and mathematical ideas using Lego bricks. There was a voice asking, “What is a flu shot?” I continued, disturbed, by explaining why individuals receive the […]
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Medical School Essay

A part of me feels surprised to be writing this essay and thinking so far ahead ten years from now. I am a meticulous planner and list-maker with the goal of becoming a physician like my father before me. My plans were derailed when I was called to active duty and sent to Iraq as […]
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