Month: August 2022

How to Write Letters of Recommendation for Medical School

A recommendation letter for medical school should speak to the applicant’s unique personal traits. The letter should outline the applicant’s passion for medicine, professional strengths, and memorable qualities. The letter can also highlight the applicant’s ability to work well in a team, follow directions, and cooperate with others. Other important qualities can be mentioned in […]
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United States popular universities for Chinese students

Popular Universities For Chinese Students in the United States With Chinese students in the US surpassing those from other countries, choosing the best universities for Chinese students is a popular activity. In this article, we’ll discuss the University of Illinois and University of Wisconsin – Madison. While these are not the only options, they are […]
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Common Mistakes in Writing MBA Applications Essays

MBA Essays in Business School Applications Listed below are some of the most common mistakes students make when writing their MBA essays. They include avoiding a common mistake: Using Sample MBA essays. Tailor your essay to each school. You can also learn how to write MBA essays tailored to a specific school. And don’t forget […]
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How to Get Into an MBA Program

If you’re wondering how to get into an MBA program, this article will explain what you need to do in order to stand out from the crowd. The topics covered here include work experience, GMAT or GRE, Letters of recommendation, and developing a growth mindset. There’s also an important point to remember regarding your GMAT […]
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MBA essay application sample

During both my time as a manager and in the military, I was constantly faced with situations in which I needed to make judgments that were of significant importance. Nevertheless, one of the most challenging decisions I’ve ever had to make was a personal one that touched my future. This inner struggle has the potential […]
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MBA Business sample 1

My curiosity with the field of physical therapy was stoked when I saw my brother go from being a man who had lost his ability to walk to becoming a man who can play basketball with my dad. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment opportunities available in the field of physical therapy […]
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Business Application essay sample

This moment was the culmination of four years of rigorous training, and I instinctively understood what action to take. During a conflict, I was called upon to serve my country in the capacity of squad commander in an elite Air Force Commando Unit. I was informed that a platoon consisting of fifty men was coming […]
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When to Apply to College

There are many factors to consider when determining when to apply to college. Early decision and early action are the best ways to begin your college application process, and you may also want to consider other timelines, such as letters of recommendation. The following article will discuss some of these elements. Using this information will […]
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What is a Fellowship?

If you’re wondering what a fellowship is, you’re not alone. It’s a highly competitive application process that can increase your chances of landing a job after graduation. Getting one can also help you network with other scholars in your field, and it pays for scholarly activities outside the classroom. Read on to learn more about […]
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